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Fueled Up Masterclass

Underfueling is the NUMBER 1 issue I see in my practice working with endurance athletes. Eating enough food is the foundation to ensuring your success as an athlete. If you’re struggling with low appetite, gut issues, low energy, poor sleep, decreased athletic performance, early fullness, fear of weight gain, fear of eating too many calories, constipation or new food sensitivities – this is the masterclass for you.

Adjust Masterclass

How does your nutrition change from season to season, training cycle to training cycle?. Maybe you’re in an off season or ramping up the miles for a big race coming up. You might be wondering what changes you need to make to your nutrition to ensure your body is getting the fuel it needs for success. Purchase this masterclass to understand how to ADJUST your nutrition to accommodate different training cycles. 

Choose your Fuel Masterclass

With HUNDREDS (maybe even thousands) of sports products on the market, it can feel impossible to know what to choose. In this class I walk you through how to choose the best fueling products for your day to day training and upcoming races. I will walk you through different fuel and hydration products PLUS a discount code to my favorite brand.


Confidently Fueled Runners Course

So you’re training for a big race and want to know how to support your body nutritionally. You want to be able to finish your race with no GI issues, no hitting the wall and feel strong throughout the entire training cycle vs burning out halfway through your training cycle. Let’s get you to your next PR feel strong, energized and confident by learning the art of proper fueling.

Nutrition for Runners Course

This self paced course is broken down in 6 modules to help you understand the basics of fueling for running.