nutrition counseling for eating disorder recovery

Compassionate and realistic nutrition therapy for adolescents and adults in eating disorder recovery

Are you ready to commit to a life without food rules or obsession?

Imagine a life that is not dictated by numbers, counting calories, fear of weight gain or stress filled social events. Freedom from food is possible.


You will have a custom nutrition plan that meets you where you are at, RIGHT NOW.

You will learn how to challenge your thoughts and behaviors around food in a supportive and constructive way, so that your motivation to change comes from WITHIN.

As a clinician – I feel very strongly about client centered care.

Every piece of our plan will be tailored to YOU and your needs.

My work is grounded in the ten principles of Intuitive Eating and Health at Every Size.

While every client starts in a different place – the ultimate goal is for all of my clients is to become intuitive eaters.

You DESERVE a life that is not confined by the rules of your eating disorder.

Having professional, unconditional support and accountability through your ED recovery is essential to navigating the ups and downs of recovery.

how It works

Schedule your call

Let’s chat to make sure my nutrition services are the perfect fit for you

Initial Assessment

During this first session, we will review your nutrition and medical history so we can create a plan that works for you

Follow up sessions

After the initial assessment, we will meet for follow up sessions to discuss what is and isn’t working for your nutrition and running needs


As a Registered and licensed dietitian in the state of Alaska, it is my passion to help others recover from disordered eating.

I am actively working towards my CEDS (certified eating disorder specialist) credential and participating in individual and group supervision from other experts in the field to ensure I am providing the highest level of care to my clients. In order to help my clients who are also athletes, I am also RED-S (Relative Energy Deficiency in Sport) informed.

Frequently asked questions

Who do you work with?

I work with individuals actively seeking eating disorder recovery. The client must be committed to recovery and appropriate for outpatient treatment. Most of my clients have already been through a residential or PHP program, but I am happy to discuss if outpatient services may be appropriate for you if you have not been through an inpatient treatment program.

Do you accept insurance?

I do not accept insurance.  However, I can provide superbills upon request to submit to all insurance providers and can take HSA/FSA cards.

Are sessions in person or virtual?

All sessions are currently via zoom/telehealth only.