Nutrition Counseling for Individuals with Eating Disorders & Athletes

Helping runners understand exactly how to fuel themselves AND helping individuals in eating disorder recovery reconnect with their mind and body.

Imagine trusting your body enough to know what it needs

What would it be like to not have to struggle with food cravings?

To not worry about whether you are going to eat past fullness and feel guilty about it later?

To improve your running performance by learning how to fuel yourself properly.

AND doing all of this while healing your relationship with food?

Hi, I’m Brooke

Thanks so much for being here!

I started Intentful Nutrition because I love helping individuals improve their relationship with food and learn how to properly nourish their body.

With so much information at our fingertips, it can be hard to sort through all the nonsense and take a practical approach to nutrition.

BUT, nutrition doesn’t have to be confusing or overwhelming!

You CAN feel empowered and free around food instead of feeling like you are controlled by your thoughts and choices surrounding food.

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A unique approach

I believe that every food has a purpose.

Every food you eat doesn’t have to be clean, macro friendly or loaded with nutrition.

Sometimes food is just food. Sometimes food is happiness. Sometimes food is connection.

If you feel guilty about eating “bad” foods, are constantly consumed by always eating the least amount of calories or the healthiest option AND you’re tired of it, then my nutrition coaching program is for you.


Decrease your cravings while increasing your energy


Improve your relationship with food


Learn how to fuel your body with foods you love


Nutrition Counseling for Runners

Nutrition Counseling for Eating Disorders

What my clients are saying

“Brooke teaches you how to feed your body what it needs but also gives you the confidence to eat what you want. Make the investment in yourself. So worth it.”

“Yes, I definitely recommend Brooke’s program [at Intentful Nutrition]. She wants you to succeed and will walk you through the steps to get there. She is realistic about what a person can achieve and doesn’t want you to be overwhelmed with weekly goals.”

“Brooke will help you to reach your goals [by giving] you ideas of what to eat. [Brooke] will not tell you that you shouldn’t have eaten a particular food, but will guide you toward another food item that might be a better choice for your goals.”